How to listen to Kim Komando on Amazon Echo

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Amazon's Alexa is one of most popular assistants around.

She has tons of skills that make life easier. You can even listen to your favorite podcasts with them.
Listen to your favorite Komando podcasts with Alexa.

Komando on Demand

Ever wonder how technology has transformed your life? In this entertaining and informative podcast, Kim Komando provides insight on the ever-changing tech issues and topics that are relevant to you. This free podcast features interviews that Kim conducts with experts in their field.

You'll gain an in-depth understanding of a wide variety of topics such as the Dark Web, the life of digital nomads, staying focused on the road, what it takes to keep the lights on and so much more.

How to enable the Komando on Demand podcast skill on Alexa:
Say: "Alexa, enable Komando on Demand"
Alexa will then confirm that the skill is enabled
Then say: "Alexa, tell Komando on Demand to play the latest episode"
Alexa will play the latest episode and also give you additional commands you can use.
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