Peace of mind away from home: how smart technology has changed our lives

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Cutting-edge technology has brought us smart heating and smart lighting – and now even keyless front doors.

After a long, hard day, imagine returning to a soothingly warm, well-lit and secure home. To enter, you don’t have to fish your keys out of your pocket or handbag: a tap with your smartphone is enough to unlock the door.

 Once inside, you might tweak the heating, play your favourite music in every room, turn on the oven, and run a bath exactly to your preferred temperature, all simply by using your voice.

 There is a delivery of food shopping to collect from your neighbour – it was dropped to them because you were out during the delivery slot – and it was ordered automatically by your fridge after it noticed stocks of avocado, goat’s cheese and soya milk were running low.

 It may seem a futuristic dream but this comforting, ultra-convenient smart home technology is available today and increasingly affordable.
Unsurprisingly, a growing number of consumers are benefiting from smart lighting, smart heating, smart plugs, smart baby monitoring and so on.

There’s even a £4,300 voice activated smart toilet that offers mood lighting, a heated seat and foot warmer, advanced bidet functionality, and an airdryer, for those feeling – well – flush.
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